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Personalised e-gift rewards that boost your revenue

RevRewards drives more loyalty, sales and new customers without the use of discounting.

It is the key to unlocking new conversion opportunities for sellers of high-value goods and services, as well as premium advertisers.

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Key Features

Powerful upselling tool

Simple connection via API

Discount-free campaigns

Global reward library

Key benefits

Deliver bespoke incentives

Reward customers for increased sales with your own brand gift cards or from hundreds of complementary brands on-demand to drive customer satisfaction and upselling opportunities.

Reward customers based on their value

We don’t believe in incentivising every customer, we take the lead from you and your goals.

We deliver rewards in return for additional value or specific actions within the customer lifecycle. 

Convert your biggest transactions

Never miss another opportunity to provide for those who really make a difference.

Perfect for companies selling high-value goods and services, RevRewards gives you the best possible chance of landing those big sales, contracts or renewals.

Deliver a second incremental basket

Time delay sending your customer’s a e-gift reward and create an opportunity to use personalised emails to deliver a second purchase.

More ways to grow your revenue


Our intelligent on-site conversion tool.


Engage customers through bespoke, open-value e-gift cards.

Interested in driving more loyalty and sales?

Activate your gift solution via our seamless service and get up and running in days.

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