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Your goals separate us from the rest

Personalised incentivisation has the potential to deliver amazing results. Mass, untargeted campaigns only add pressure to your margins while ignoring who your customers really are.

RevLifter matches strong, enticing offers with your goals and customers. We are setting new benchmarks by personalising every aspect of the user journey.

Our story

RevLifter was born because co-founder’s Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird realised that retailers were questioning the incremental value of incentives when a customer was already on their site, ready to buy.

Equally, the Performance Marketing industry was crying out for a solution that catered to the needs of the consumer and the advertiser. Simon saw this first hand at a large voucher code publisher and Ryan as MD of an ecommerce agency working with multinational ecommerce brands. Retailers wanted to control the customer journey and present customers with more relevant offers.

The pair spoke to many large retailers with ideas about how to make this better and listened to what retailers needed – incentives that delivered their goals and incremental sales.

RevLifter is an award-winning platform created by a team of digital engineers, and marketer from the leading lights of ecommerce, digital and affiliate marketing. We work across many verticals and geographies with the world-leading brands. We use personalisation to drive even better results for our customers who constantly amaze us with their innovation as retailers.

Our founders

Simon Bird

  • Over 12 years of affiliate marketing experience.
  • Led performance-based campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.
  • Served as MD at an international voucher code site.
  • Held leadership roles on both the network and publisher side.

Ryan Kliszat

  • Over 15 years of e-commerce experience.
  • Founded a full-service digital agency, which was later sold to one of the world’s largest e-commerce service operations.
  • Worked with advertisers and publishers to deliver more sales, loyalty and ROI.

Our approach

Retailers need personalisation but first and foremost they need to get on with being retailers. We understand this and have built a solution that is easy to implement. By applying our advanced Ai-powered technology we’re able to empower retailers to deliver 1:1 personalisation at scale, giving users a truly personalised experience at every customer touchpoint. 

Every RevLifter journey starts with your goals.

We understand exactly what you want to achieve

We work out what data we can easily use without you doing any work

Create a powerful dynamic rules

We continually optimise

Typically retailers have the following goals but we pride ourselves on working to each retailers unique DNA to achieve custom goals as each retailer is as unique as their customers.

  • Increased margin
  • Increasing frequency and LTV
  • Increased new customers
  • Increased conversion
  • Decreased site abandonment
  • Increased AOV
  • Delivering incremental results
  • Personalising based on geo-location
  • Offers based on weather
  • Utilising retailers own data
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Promoting manufacturers and suppliers
  • Test and learn approach
  • Target specific customer types

What are your unique goals?

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